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In today’s digital age, first impressions often occur online. Whether you’re a professional looking to make a mark on LinkedIn, an actor aiming to impress casting directors, or a business owner seeking to build a brand, a high-quality headshot is essential. Since 2010 we have been photographing Headshots and Branding Portraits.

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The team at Westchester Headshot Photography have extensive experience and will give you the highest quality headshots, business portraits, and branding photos that will match your own unique personality as well as your brand.

Your Headshot is the front page of yourself and your brand. Today, more than ever, you need a professional headshot or branding photoshoot to make you and your business stand out in a sea of faces and brands.

Types of Headshot Photography Sessions

Corporate Headshots


Ideal for professionals in the business world, corporate headshots are often used on LinkedIn profiles, company websites, and presentations. These sessions focus on portraying a polished and professional image, often taken against a plain background or in a corporate environment.


Actor Headshots

For actors, a headshot is a critical tool for landing roles. These sessions aim to capture a range of expressions and looks to showcase the actor’s versatility. The focus is on capturing the personality and unique features that make you stand out.


Creative/Personal Branding Headshots

Perfect for entrepreneurs, influencers, and creatives, these sessions are more relaxed and personalized. They often incorporate elements that reflect your brand, such as specific props, backgrounds, or attire that align with your industry and personal style.


Environmental Headshots

These are taken in a setting that reflects your profession or interests, such as a chef in a kitchen or a musician in a studio. Environmental headshots add context to your image, making it more relatable and authentic.


Team and Group Headshots

Often used by companies to showcase their team, these sessions ensure a consistent look across all team members’ headshots. It’s a great way to present a unified and professional image of your team on your website or marketing materials.


Social Media Headshots

Tailored for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and dating sites, these headshots are usually more casual and fun. The aim is to capture your personality in a way that resonates with a more relaxed and diverse audience.

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